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Dear students and parents,

As the founder of Learning Point, I can proudly say that from our commencement in 2004, we have come a long way. Since its inception, Learning Point has focused on its faculty, guiding strengths with a strategic method of being able to make it best in the class.

Every student is treated as an individual here at Learning Point, often affectionately called LP, and I can guarantee as Director of Institute, that the students will be given myriad opportunities for progress, and personal development both via live and online classes.

One aspect of this is that our qualified, certified and highly experienced LP teachers come from a variety of educational backgrounds in order to support our diverse student body and to offer them a highly recognized global qualification.

We believe that our institute, above many others, is going to give the learners the best possible opportunities to continue their journey, and as Director, I am dedicated to giving my students the very best chances of future success by showing their upcoming career path as if they were my own family.


Md. Moin Uddin
Founder of Learning Point